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Hi!,nice to meet u guys.i know some of you already knows who i am(or maybe not) but i know that i should introduce myself in this community if not that would be inappropriate and impolite.My name is Sherryl I'm 14 years old and i'm from Indonesia and I've been playing in Zeddy Server for 1 year and yes i didn't knew that Zeddy website exist ( I actually don't know at that time so please do forgive me;-; ).i currently playing at Zeddy ZE server and rarely playing at Zeddy 1v1 Server and others Zeddy Servers.

Hello welcome to Zeddys

Hi! Enjoy playing at zeddy server!
[Image: 20191107_224329.jpg]

heyo, enjoy your stay here~

Hi! Enjoy playing at zeddy server!
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