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Application for mod in 1v1 arena sever

i play everyday from 3pm to 7pm or sometimes 3pm to 10 pm.
reason for application : I want to become a mod because i keep having a lot of mic spam in the sever so i can mute them and not cause trouble for other players that dont know how to mute the players mic spamming.I see cheaters a lot also and i dont see anymore mod online everytime in the sever so i can help the sever out by banning them so the other players wont quit playing.
steam ID :
+rep pr0
+rep very kind
Gotta be honest. I don't see you as often as I want a mod to be.
Are you still applying for mod? because I dont see you online nowadays atm
Once done it cannot be undone. Think twice.
Application is outdated. Closed.

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