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(ZE) Curry man need to update maps

Right now we have on the Currywurst server we have,

ze_Touhou_Gensokyo_b10p (Old version of the map, Simple, Easy to defend, Easy to Learn Boss)

ze_touhou_gensokyo_b8 ( the adopted child we don't talk about, remove the map from the server)

ze_Touhou_Gensokyo_o2 ( more recent version, Hard boss , Boss speaks chinese 老板放翻译家不然我们全部死掉我跟你讲 )

ze_touhou_gensokyo_o4 ( most recent version of the map, HARD AS FUCK BOSS, boss speaks vietnamese unless you put entwatch and translator thêm vào người dịch hoặc tất cả chúng ta chết ) ( this is the map download for o4)

We should do a event on ze_touhou_gensokyo_o4 if we beat the map, maybe we can have 10000 credit reward.

very nice puasaman

Very naise flix

Very nice handsum
[Image: R7zqDkR.png]

VeRy NiCe Netflix the boss get nerf ez
Only thing is hard is my PP not the map

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