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Name: rookie_zervier
IGN: zervier_katsunumi / rookie
Steam link:
Why were you banned: Bazooka abuse
Your apology/Reasoning: i wanted to help team win the round without repeating round. sorry about that.
            [Image: 1505917057734.gif]                            [Image: original.gif]

Oh Hello! mr.bazooka man you shouldn't do cuz bazooka very op i'm died cuz this vip weapon awww man don't do this again 4320 what is good time for you huh

Like i said this is glitch if you wanna save your teammate please slow down enjoy! lol gl

I’m no moderator, but its a 3 day ban, just serve it and go outside and enjoy some sunlight instead of just AFKing in the spawn, at least 5 times, of pirates port royal to get infected to take barbossa, mr inflator.
[Image: R7zqDkR.png]

mate, using a bazooka is fine considering it's zeddy server but abusing the bazooka ammo is not okay. not only it is unfair for zombies to have the chance to infect but you're making yourself look bad for the server. it's only a 3 day ban anyway so be grateful that it's not a week or more. in addition to that, ive seen your abuse a couple of times even when im spectating or watching through people's stream. the statement "i wanted to help team win the round without repeating round." doesn't sound to me that you are legitimately helping, more like abusing the ammo for fun. if you think i'm wrong, there's plenty of people to ask about your action in relation to bazooka abuse such as Spxctator. he has a clear evidence of you abusing. lastly, if you actually want to help your teammates, instead of relying on p2w items then at least learn to defend using a normal weapon. thats all from me.
[Image: unknown.png]

I hope you learn this lesson think and make yourself realize that you made a bad choice that you do the bazooka glitch in the server with 3 mods. We staffs/admins are observing the server everyday and i'm one of it and i also saw that you have prev case that u use bazooka glitch in the same map which is SAM.. I hope you don't do it again and after your ban (3 days) make a new zervier that could change himself into good player every single one of us can get second chance buddy.. That's it from me. cheers! 
[Image: ojBflql.gif]

How about no?
Like how you didn't want to listen to our warnings alot of times.
you have been abusing this for 1 year now, and we have been warning you ever since.
3 days ban is not long. Go serve it. instead of playing ZE just to abuse bazooka's. do you think its fun to play ZE that way?
TBH i asked kawaii to ban you for 1 month. and he gave you 3 days so just go and suck it.

You've been given multiple warnings, even I've personally DMed you asking you to stop.
Other admins told me to ban you for 1 month++, some even recommended your ban to be permanent. Let this be a lesson for abusing the glitch although given many warnings.
Appeal declined and closed.

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