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hi im spxctator and im new here. im not a mod. im not a vip. i dont nominate shitty maps all day long like other vip ultras. i don’t suck zeddy’s cock. i don’t spam gay saysounds especially because i can’t. i don’t hyperscroll or script or hack. i don’t spam the chat with ascii faces. i don’t micspam or lead maps. im an asshole most of the time. love me or hate me, but you can’t deny that i have the best signature.
[Image: R7zqDkR.png]
"Shoot the bunny hopping Spxctator"
"Stop scripting"
"Stop inflating Spxctator"
the first line triggers me because I end up flying away like a tissue paper.
the second line also triggers me for obvious reasons.
the third line doesn’t trigger me but here’s some self promo for my unlisted video of me inflating.
[Image: R7zqDkR.png]

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