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Zombie Escape Event

Zombie Escape Event
We'll be having a zombie escape event today at 8 pm GMT+8, the maps we'll be playing are
(For anyone who does not have the maps, feel free to download at )

The event will be 90 minutes long ( 1 hour 30 minutes ) until 9.30 pm. Best of luck to our escapist as winners will be awarded with credits. 
The maps requires teamwork therefore everyone must work together in order to win and get credits. 

Any sort of grief, troll, exploit will be strictly punished as I will be on the server during the event monitoring the server. 

Good luck, Have fun.

[Image: gDEE1QGHMmMAOJRb4Q-ehqF7ckhcVAUyzogC6VP5...zbAKChGzbA]

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