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zeddy ^ not ban please

you mean the unban appeal?
go to ->
Zombie Escaper Players ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What is this?
Moving this to off-topic as I do not see any ban records with your ID/IP/Steam.

shut up stupid con cac vietcong, you simply use item and don’t use when people tell you to use it. mods have already given you chances and unebanned you aswell and you still want to act like you’re doing the right things by taking items on numerous hard maps including serpentis where there are limited items which are very important. go suck zeddy’s con cac more and ask him for uneban. he ignore everyone messages unless you want to donate $500 for his curry. if you don’t understand english then just go to 7-mau because zeddy’s server isn’t 8-mau.
hey, I have an idea for you, why not you team up with your other 7-mau buddy Sasuke and see if he uses his powers and teams up to form some vietnam war army to get unebanned? I mean hey, you only risk getting ptsd through war.
[Image: R7zqDkR.png]

Vietnam concacs, what a beautiful species of monkey

-1 this guy really high ego and never listen and don’t know when to use anyitem but keep tryhard with his bhop script and take a single item every round and die that make people there waste time because we always need item to win (in some good map)

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