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hey guys, its yo boi 2Fast4U aka ranon. (pronounce it either as ra-non or ran-on i don't really care.)

i run by a lot of different names, but you'll generally see me as 2Fast4U, or as minecraft pvp god (don't ask).

generally friendly unless you are a toxic asshole, but im cool with meeting new ppl. i hang around mmod or 1v1 most of the time, so you'll see me there often.

i play on weekends only cuz school is bad. 14 years old but i act like 10 if you make me pissed or like warden freekill or anything.

i have a yt channel but im not uploading shit til dec holidays cuz i no time. go stalk if you want, if you guess or find it just comment below. no prizes but who cares lmao
[Image: 9eMlUNc.png]

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