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Unban Appeal on Ze Server

Steam link:
Why were you banned: Items Picking
Your apology/Reasoning: Im new on zeddy server also Ze mod , idk why I get Ebanned (that's what people on discord group said) on ze server , I don't really remember when I was get banned but I never Trolling with items , I remember last time I pick items is from dead people but I drop it again to another player , idk if that wrong to do but I really sorry if I did anything wrong with items
I think I got banned because I didn't use the item properly and maybe someone already trying to tell me don't take the items but I keep taking the items
if that true im really sorry because I never play with voice on before so I cant hear you , also I rarely see chat when playing , I promise not gonna pick items if I don't know how to use it properly and turn on voice and read the chat

Uhh, don't have any memories of you getting banned by me, should be other moderators.
Ask them to un-eban you, if not just personally message me and I'll un-eban you.


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