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Dew's Introduction

Hello everyone!
My name is Tristan but I go by "dew". I'm currently 16 years of age, and I'm from Vietnam and Singapore!
Yup, I am a mixed child. My mother is Vietnamese, and my dad is Singaporean. I grew up in Vietnam and
I recently moved to Singapore (August of 2018).

I started gaming when I was 5, and the first game (FPS) I ever played was "UberStrike" on Facebook! Hehe..
After a while, once I became 11, I started playing cs! One of my friends on the USA recommended it to me
so I decided to give it a shot. Only after a short while, I immediately got addicted to it and loved it! But after
playing the game for around 2 years, I decided to quit to switch over to Fortnite. Than I got really into Fortnite
and decided to switch over entirely. After that I became a semi-pro in Fortnite in the South East Asian scene. (ish xd)

I also stream on twitch daily, and most of it is either me reacting to random things on the internet, or Zeddy, faceit,
csgo custom maps, match making. I really just stream anything I find interesting!

That is all from me, thanks for reading this whole entire thing!
this was at 3am, goodnight lads

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