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Name: Tristan ( / Dew)

IGN [In Game Name]: ?
Steam Id: [url=][/url]
Age: 16                                        
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: I want to become a moderator to gain some experience modding on a 1v1 server, and modding in CS servers in general. I want to be there for the players since I'm on at most of the time when I'm free. I want to create a toxic-free environment for the players, and a better experience for everyone and myself.
How many hours a week can you play:  
Breaking it into my schedule:
  • Weekdays : 5PM - 9PM (Average 4 hours maximum)
  • Weekends: Whenever I'm free - 1PM - 3AM (If I'm free than 5 hours maximum usually, as I'll be doing other things)
Any past experience as a mod on any game: Minecraft Reddit UHC Servers, Fortnite Scrims Moderator, CS:GO pug host.
  • "Minecraft Reddit UHC Servers": Nightmare UHC - 1 month host, server closed down.
  • "Fortnite Scrims Moderator": Infinity Scrims (Moderator) - Biggest Fortnite scrims discord in Asia overall, AFN Scrims (Host) - Was the biggest fortnite scrims discord in South East Asia, Discursive Scrims (Admin) - Was the second biggest Fortnite scrims discord in South East Asia.
Side notes: I feel like I should get a chance because as a normal player, I'm fairly active on discord and the server. I also stream a lot on Zeddy and a lot of people from the server supports me too (Gained 30 followers in 1 stream once streaming on Zeddy). 


Oops, did not realize the title, it was meant to be "dewww's mod application (1v1)". Please ignore that, thanks!

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