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Possibly a guy DDoSing the ZE server?

Earlier today, some kid joined in while we were playing ze_jjba_v1. After that, it started to lag like crazy. Then I noticed this kid said something in chat that caught my eye...
[Image: d465ee55dbe84f84e9ab60176544b06e.png]
This guy, hungry snacks, was saying that at the same time the server was lagging! He's most possibly the culprit of the recent DDoS. He was there at the same time the server started lagging. There's much more stuff that's in this video I recorded during the lag: 

My head's currently hurting right now after that bullshit. If any more details are needed, please tell me. Meanwhile, I'll just be resting for a bit. I've been playing ZE too much.
zombieTH DDoS Confirm...
Zombie Escaper Players ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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