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Zeddy's Server Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules (Unofficial version)

TTT or Trouble in Terrorist Town is a gamemode based around a group of Terrorists who have Traitors among them. Each round in TTT starts with a period to prepare, at this point no one has a role and player damage is disabled, you can use this time to find a gun or a vantage point, this period is usually around 30 seconds. Once this period is over players will be assigned the role of Innocent, Traitor or Detective and the TTT Shop will become available for players to buy equipment, you can tell your role by looking in chat at then end of preparation there will also be a colored overlay on your screen showing your role. The majority of players will be assigned to Innocent, this group is usually identified by green, Innocent players are quite vulnerable to Traitors as they have no way of telling the difference between a Traitors and a fellow Innocent, the Innocents should try their best to work with the Detectives and eliminate all the Traitors or stay alive until the round ends. The Traitors are the second largest group, their objective is to eliminate all Innocents and Detectives before the round ends, they can buy equipment from the TTT Shop to help them achieve this such as a 1 Hit Knife which will allow them to quickly and quietly kill any player, or a Jihad Bomb which will allow them to kill all players within a certain radius but it will also kill them. Traitors can identify their teammates by a T icon above their heads. Detectives are the smallest group out of the 3, there are usually only 1-3 Detectives per round, their objective is to identify the Traitors and eliminate them before the round ends while also protecting the Innocents. Detectives can also buy equipment from the TTT Shop such as a DNA Scanner which they can use to scan a dead body and reveal the killer and the murder weapon, Detectives can also buy extra tasers that reveal a players role when they are shot with one, by default Detectives get one of these for free at the start of the round.

Rounds can only end in one of three ways and this will affect which team wins, 1. All Innocents and Detectives eliminated, this will result in a Traitor win, 2. All Traitors eliminated, this will result in an Innocent / Detective win, 3. Round time ran out, this will result in an Innocent / Detective win. Players will earn karma and credits as they continue to play, credits are used in the TTT Shop, if you earn credits on Traitor you will still have access to these credits in later rounds as different roles, the price of items vary but usually items such as the Jihad Bomb cannot be bought as often as other items such as the Fake ID. Karma is a system to keep players playing by the rules, if you kill a player who your role should be eliminating you will earn karma, but if you teamkill or kill a player with the same objective as you, you will lose karma. Karma directly scales your damage, so if you continue to kill teammates your damage will fall very fast but if you play by the rules your role will be easier with higher damage.

General rules: 
1) Don't RDM (random kill|). You need evidence proving that a player is a traitor to kill them. Also, it will hurt your karma and your damage will fall as your karma falls. RDM-ers will get slayed/kicked from server (if severe enough)
2) No Ghosting. If you are dead, stay dead. Mic is muted for the dead for a reason, and you should not use the "all/team chat" to give out any information about the game to alive players. Ghosting will result in a gag/mute for the session. 
3) You must move out of the personal space (approximately 3 player models) of a player after being warned by the said player at least twice. 
4) No killing with props. This will result in a slay/kick from the server.
5) You must have a name that is able to be identified by all players on the server 
6) Committing a traitor act makes you a traitor: 

  • Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self defense.

  • Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self defense. (Throwing Flashes or smokes are NOT Traitorous acts.)

  • Declaring KOS order on an innocent.

  • Planting bombs (C4) or detonating the jihad vest.

  • Actively tailing other players with explosive items.

  • Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified.

  • Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self defense

Detective Rules:
1. Detective should have a working microphone. The detective can command others to stop moving or drop their weapon when around him. 
2. Detective should actively be assisting the team to find the traitors. 
3. Detective may not call a KOS on any player unless DNA Scan on a dead innocent/detective body is made. 
4. General rules apply for detective

Innocent Rules:
1. General rules apply for innocent

Traitor Rules:
1. General rules apply for traitor with the exception of no RDM.
2. No griefing (claiming traitor or giving out your teammates name) 
3. No killing of your traitor teammate unless in self defense of a prop kill. 

Trust Nobody

To be updated....
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 

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