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kanae's moderator application

In Game Name : kanae

SteamID : STEAM_0:1:91906534 /
Age : 15

Why Do You Want To Become Moderator? : As Of Right Now There aren't any Active Moderators In The Multimod Server , And If I Did Become One I Will Keep The Server In Control Whenever Necessary And Not Abuse My Power, And If There Are Any Members Who Broke The Rules In The Server I Will Do What i Can To Prevent Disturbance To Other Member And Maintaining The Fun And Peacefulness In The Server.

How Many Hours Can U Play In A Week? : 20+ Hours
Any Past Experience As A Mod In Any Game ? : CSGO ( As An Admin ) , Unturned ( As An Admin , Moderator ) .

Neutral to -rep. Please step up and help next time.
Strive and you will get there.

who r u

f u kermit gay dad
Strive and you will get there.

(06-14-2019, 12:10 PM)avien Wrote: f u kermit gay dad

u better bend down bitch

-1 haven't really seen him that active
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 

I don't think I've seen you on before. Could be due to you not using mic as much as others do.
Be more active in the server. Not in hours, but in interactions. You're gonna need to know what you’ll be dealing with.
Strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. Conflict breeds catastrophe.

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