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Dank's Jailbreak mod application

+rep long time player and knows the rules 10/10 gr8 mod
H-Mod A
+ Unbiased to all players. Knows the rules well and active/committed as well. Should be given a chance to go through a trial period.

H-Mod B
+ Knows the rule well & very active. When he is reporting an incident, he is sure to explain the situation clearly and takes on a 3rd POV to explain cases. Can judge things pretty well and I think he deserve a chance to be in the moderating team. Since I recommended him to join the moderating team, I will give a neutral.
0 towards +1

Mod A
+strong sense of justice, always report to me when no mods are on when smthg happen
- if he were to be accepted as mod, can he handle the crowd when server has like 20 ppl or more?

Mod B
+ always helps me take care of the server when hes online &help me explain situations i didnt see; very active and deserve a chance

Mod C
+ active and should give him a shit shot (sorry i have fat fingers) 

Mod D
+Very helpful
- seems more like a casual player than a person whos willing to sacrifice fun for serious work
Neutral towards -1

Mod E
+ experienced
- probably stronger in a sense of a player than a moderator

Overall, I would recommend that Dank joins the team conditional to the performance as a trial moderator for a period of 3 weeks. 
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
Reply for Mod A's question : At the start might be a little rough but i believe i can learn quick enough through a trial period to handle such situations and others Smile

Reply for Mod D and E : I do agree i am more of a casual player but i feel like i should take a step out of my comfort zone to try helping the server in a different way thus why im applying for mod Smile
you r mom gay lol
+rep active knows he rules enforces his stuff well
+rep He may be a bit more on the casual side, but I believe he'll make a fine addition to the team. He's calm and composed even when people are hurling insults at him, and he definitely knows the rules well. Overall, he is a fun guy to play with and can be assertive when he needs to be.

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