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H-mod Application

Name : Zac.
IGN : Slayavain
Steam ID :
Age : Above 16.
Reason for my Application of H-Mod : Currently I feel like could help the server improve as a whole , with new rules being implemented trying to help with the new players. 
There has been a-lot of bugs nowadays that has been making jailbreak moderators / players   harder to deal with such as the ctban / mute / gag .
With the ctban making players 30 to random timings , muting and gagging players would still allow players to still talk and type.

And with the servers lacking applications of jailbreak moderators recently , players tend to go rampage when there's 1-2 mods in the servers.
With the high rise of players with the ability of using Jet-pack increased ,  there has been a lot of abuse of the jet pack , such as jet-packing to places where the guards can't reach such as outside the map , then jet-packing back in to surprise back-stab , i agree it's kinda cool but then again I would say it's abuse and wouldn't allow it.

I would like to bring up a small point , thus it being in a smaller font / if you want to ignore it .
I would not be biased to any friends or any players as i have shown examples of friends massive free-killing , accidentally freekilling and afterwards banning them for excessive amount of them to the amount of players they have killed , not giving them any discount /lower timing just because we are friends. I would like to state that I am favor of giving newer warden chances because all players have to start from somewhere. I have seen a lot of players mic cutting / screaming / mind-fucking(not physically rebelling , just telling warden that bomb does nothing and he just ignore it, etc.) the warden because they are newer . Doesn't mean that if they free-kill accidentally I would let them off scot-free..

But most importantlyI feel that the moderating team is fixated on fixing the rules as we are trying to constantly trying to adjust it to more of it to fit it in for players of the zeddy gaming's jailbreak community. We are trying for the approach for it to not to be too strict whilst keeping people , who tend to poke in the grey areas of the rules , in check.  Hopefully I would like to try my best to help the moderating team in that area and with the players with any difficulty.

I would like to apologize in advance for asking for the rules from time to time , because there's been constant changes to the rules and have not been up to date from time to time , and often like to clear my doubt with other mods. Unless the final set for the rules have been set in place and i'll rmb them asap!
I try my best to suggest ideas as well! Like many of the ideas many active and h-mods have gathered as well!
Jailbreak is fun!
I can see a lot of effort put into this application, But next time don't try to put your application in an essay form, Just a simple application will do. +1 for me~
I Think my eyes is having a cancer now.
+1 Best mod in JB in my opinion

Good luck to you.
Just Your Friendly Neko Mod.
+rep I believe that you will make the server even better!!!!

He's not biased, always helpful and a really really friendly and approachable guy, what more can I say?

Good luck with your application :>
Catgirls are my one weakness.
Alright Mr.Zac was it? I'm going to be honest with you here. Looking at your application, I can see that you are a person of high intellect. You're a gifted person with many great traits and talents. And yet, as a intellectual person that I am, saw through your ruse? You cannot deceive someone with as much intellect as I. For instance, the concept you used on your application. The amount of words you use. You changed the size of the words in order to have deceived an average human's eyes and believe that your mod app actually had more effort than a normal application.
However, I went to do some research. From the research that I myself had done, I can firmly say that this application is a bit more than just your average moderator application.
For instance, an essay's minimum requirement is usually around 250 or 300 words. However, I have calculated that most moderator applications do not meet this requirement.

By gathering 3 moderator applications, the average's mod application is around 149 words. Comparing to Swaggermeister's head-mod application at a measly 199 words or exactly 1,152 characters which is slightly above an average application which is impressive enough for a +rep. However, you on the other hand, had a ginormous 492 words or exactly 2,744 characters.
By my calculations, the effort from your application in comparison to Swaggermeister's application is around 2.47236180905x(2.5x rounding off) more effort than swagger's.

In addition, the fact that you tried to deceive people by enlarging the letters of your application making them think that this was atleast a 1,000 word application is very impressive. I acknowledge your intellect and people who do not understand your intellectual prowess is indeed a fool.

But the question is, are you ready to become a head-moderator? Looking at my current list of Moderators that I have made in a scenario where one of them became inactive and I forgot they existed.
H Mods


There is roughly around 10 moderators in comparison to 3 current head-moderators. Thus, the ratio of moderators to head moderators are 3.33:1 respectively. However, if we take into account, you as a head moderator. It will affect the ratio by a large scale. 9 Moderators in comparison to 4 head-moderators becomes 2.25:1. That is a staggering decrease of 1.08. But is this really worth it, do you think by dramatically decreasing the ratio of head moderators to moderators, will you be able to improve the server's current condition?

You have 2.5x the effort in comparison to swaggermeister's head moderator application.
You are a man of high intellect and knows the psychology of the human brain.
You are amazingly smart compared to an average human.
You have the experience of around 1-3 years in jailbreak.
You are amongst one of the most influential people on the staff team.
In addition, you are way capable of becoming a Head-Mod.

As consequence, I have to unfortunately give you a +rep, as long as your IQ is within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower), you do have the makings of a great leader.

First of all, you're not inactive enough.
+rep deserves it
Experienced (in terms of both moderation, JB knowledge + skills) and a good friend
+rep very dedicated moderator. Very friendly and helps new comers on the server.
I don't know are we suppose to pm swag on this but I'm just gonna post it here then. It has been an amazing journey with zac as a mod in jailbreak server as we have helped each other a lot. I see the potential in him being a head mod as his dedication for the server is amazing. I definitely would not be biased but I think he should've applied after this vacation days but I think by the time this application is accepted, he will be back from his vacation. He may have flaws in his way of moderating like all of us, he is still one great moderator and a good person to look up to. It's a strong +1 for me !
+1 old jailbreak player and also know the rules very well. Spent more time on this application then his school work

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