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  Claiming Trial Mod (JB)
Posted by: Angel - 2 hours ago - Forum: Claim your rank - No Replies

IGN: Angel
Steam Id:

Accepted Mod Application:

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Posted by: ✪Lcjx - Yesterday, 04:51 PM - Forum: Accepted Applications - Replies (5)

Steam ID:
Why i want to be a moderator: I have experience as i was here since Rthaurg but i was very lowkey so only a handful of people remember me. I also want to help the server against mic spammers, freekillers, toxic players and mic-less cts or cts that dont know or dont want to be warden.
How many hours can you play a week: currently i am the most active player on the server cos i have no life and i think that i can be on the server when other staff are busy,i usually play 7-9 hours on a school day depending on when school ends and i usually am on the server for 12 hours on weekends or holidays cause i have no life like i said. 
Any past experiences as a mod or admin in any other game: i was a trial mod once for ASN [A trade server for csgo] 
Heart Tongue

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  Ask about the word
Posted by: Soda Lemon - Yesterday, 11:54 AM - Forum: Off-topic Discussions - Replies (3)

Do you know what to do?

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  Claiming VIP
Posted by: Aki-dono - 05-18-2019, 12:34 PM - Forum: Claim your rank - No Replies

Name: Aki-dono
IGN: Aki-dono
Steam Id:
Donation Method: Paypal

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  Application For Moderator In Bunnyhop
Posted by: Fancy! - 05-18-2019, 11:08 AM - Forum: Bunnyhop - No Replies

Name: Zen
IGN: Fancy!
Steam ID:
Age: Turning 16 this year
Why I want to become a moderator: Usually when I come on bunnyhop servers, there would be no moderators online. People tend to be very disruptive causing conflicts in the server. I would like to be a moderator because of this reason so that I can ensure to reduce the conflicts caused while I am in the server. As some of the moderators in Bunnyhop had also quit (E.g Ana Main), I hope that I can be able to contribute by helping the server in some sort of way.
How many hours a week can you play: As I am currently a student studying in school, I would be able to play most of the time during the mid-afternoon to evenings, as well as on weekends. This amounts to approximately 12 hours a week.
Any past experience as a mod on any game: Prior to this application, I so far have not been a mod on any server or game, and I would love to make this my first Big Grin

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  God mode?
Posted by: Sausage Clicker (2) - 05-17-2019, 12:16 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

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Heart ZE moderator application
Posted by: AK-12 - 05-17-2019, 08:51 AM - Forum: Zombie Escape - Replies (4)

Name: An
IGN: AK-12 (I'll change when I have new waifu)
Steam ID:
Age: 16
Why do you want to become a moderator?
The reason why i want to be a mod is because I would like to try it out, what it feels to lead everyone to victory, to be trusted and rely on despite some inexperience on some map .I hope that everyone will support me to help this server. Thank you  Heart
How many hours a week you can play?: About 10 hours a week
Any past experience as a mod on any game?: Nope

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  Ozys' Application
Posted by: Ozys - 05-15-2019, 11:42 AM - Forum: Bunnyhop - No Replies

Name: Ozys

IGN: Ozys
Steam Id:
Age: 19
Why do you want to become a moderator:
The bhop server is currently, afaik, the only bhop server in the whole SEA and that results in a plenitude number of players (especially ever since the other servers were shut down). With the incredibly high number of players, from what I've noticed, the amount of moderators there are are way too few to manage and enforce the rules properly. I've seen couple of regulars being incredibly toxic and spammed voice chat with insults/cuss words/racist remarks (I can give you a name). This obviously bothers and discourages new players trying to join/stay as they are constantly being put in a toxic environment upon arrival, not to mention some regulars/old players who keep talking down on them, further discouraging them to ever learn/enjoy bhop itself (and I'll be completely honest here as to avoid any unnecessary future conflicts, yes I've lashed out once or twice in the server due to said players, but I can promise you that I will not repeat it as I was caught up in the heat of the moment, you have my word). I've been bhopping for a bit over 2 years, on and off, and I can't stand seeing new players being talked down on as I, including everyone, started from that point too. I want to enforce the rules there is and uphold them with pride to create an environment where players, both old and new, can enjoy the game without any unnecessary/unpleasant disturbances. I strongly believe I can help in creating a much friendlier environment on the server by giving warnings whenever a misconduct is done by players, and also by actually giving punishment to those who refuse to listen if deemed necessary.

How many hours a week can you play:
I'm currently still in uni and have other stuff to take care of, so when semester starts I can probably only play for around 5-10 hours a week. In holiday season (right now) I can play for more than 14 hours a week.

Any past experience as a mod on any game:
I used to mod couple of servers on CS 1.6 back then. No experience as a community mod on CS:GO but I do have a LAN server so I'm a little bit familiar with sourcemod if that counts.

Additional note: one of the modules in my laptop (the one connected to the audio cable) is broken atm so I can't use my mic on my laptop and will probably take me about a month 'til I get it fixed, I can use my phone if needed for voice chat though (if it's related to discord or other similar apps).

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  Frostdrake tower event!
Posted by: Loonatic - 05-14-2019, 05:12 PM - Forum: News / Giveaways - Replies (8)

As lots of players has been requesting, we'll be having a frost drake event this Saturday, 18/5! The event will start from 4 pm (GMT+8) and last for 3 hours until 7 pm. Of course, as always there's credits for winning the map! A total of 6000 credits will be given to winners! ( I love you 3000 x 2 ). Like always, escapist best of luck, teamwork is strongly required to beat this hard map. 
Let's achieve the first win on Zeddy's Server this Saturday! 

Any sorts of misleading, griefing or trolling will be punished by me. If we do not beat the map within the time limit, the event will end and no one will get the credits. So teamwork and good listening is really important. 

If you don't have the map, you can download it by joining the server of simply download it from

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  CS:GO ZE Fail Compilation.
Posted by: Yenna - 05-14-2019, 05:52 AM - Forum: Off-topic Discussions - No Replies

This videos is fun for "Fail Compilation" but hope you enjoy for today.

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