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VIP Pricing/Perks

VIP Pricing

● VIP Normal Lifetime : 30 $ USD [120 Ringitt or 42 sgd]
● VIP Normal 1 month [Only 1 server] : 10 $ USD [43 Ringitt or 13 SGD]
● VIP Elite Lifetime : 100 $ USD [420 Ringitt or 140 SGD]
● Pay at zeddygaming.com or Add ZeddY^
● Remember, you can only donate to ZeddY^

VIP Normal Perks

-> Get 60000 credits via paypal card, or 36k via skins - keys
● GET 2X CREDITS RATE for store credits
● Access to PARACHUTE in multimod
● Change your playerskin color
● Use CUSTOM WEAPON Skins like watery knife [NEW]
● Get access to TRAILS in store
● Play through a list of really dope chat sounds!
● SLOT RESERVATION when server is full
● Change ZOMBIE Skins
● Access to SPECIAL VIP Store
● TRACERS in store [NEW]
● Multi- Server VIP
● Priority support from ZeddY^. More features soon!


● Price -> 100 $ usd
● 200000 credits with paypal or card, 125k with keys or skin
● GET 3X CREDITS RATE for store credits
● Ability to nominate maps
● Access to JETPACK in Multimod
● Bypass !spec limit [Spec anytime]
● Get access to DEATH Sounds and PARTICLES / AURAS
● Epic zombie skins like alien and antlion
● Ability to modify your tracers
● Better !cw skins like Deagle/knife
● More features soon

VIP Ultra Perks

● VIP Ultra , a new rank, costs 500$ [USD]
● GET UNLIMITED credits [over 1 billion]
● Immunity from first infection in ZE
● Able to DANCE FROM fortnite! [With sound]
● Your own store tag [Only you can use]
● Access to CUSTOM GUN weapons, like cat gun, Fidget Spinner and alot more!
● Overpowered ZOMBIE Skins and shop skins
● Display TWITCH EMOTES over your head [Like LUL and PogChamp]
● Special JOIN Messages
● Special Discord and forum tag
● New featues


● VIP ULTIMA , a new rank, costs 1000$ [USD]
● GET your OWN Player Skin in !store
● Immune from AFK Manager
● 2x EXP Rate in !lvl
● Special JOIN Messages
● Special Discord and forum tag
● Get all other VIP ELITE, ULTRA and NORMAL Features as well
● New features soon

Buy extra shop credits

● Shop Credit rate
1 usd = 2000 credits via paypal or card
● Via skins or keys, 1 usd = 1200 credits
● Donate more than 30 $ and get extra store credits!

Purchase VIP HERE: