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what are the zombie escape in-game chat commands?

hey guys im new here and i wanted to know all of the in-game chat commands here.and also if theres a command that can change your gun skins,can someone please tell me because something happened and i dont know what i pressed and a list pop up on the middle left side of my screen and it has an option where i can configure guns skins...i really want to know the command of it.
Thank you ^_^

!ws - Configure the skin of your weapons
!knife - Configure your knife
!gloves - Configure your gloves
!ztele - If you're stuck as a zombie type this
!tp - Thirdperson mode
!stopsounds - Disable gunsounds
!hide - Hide players to get more fps
!noshake - Disable the shaking effect
!zmarket - Buy weapons
!decoy - Buy freeze grenade
!he - Buy Grenade
!vipinfo - Get info about vip
!sm - Self mute a player
!su - Self unmute a player
!spec - Spectate
!rtv - Rock the vote
!credits - show credits
!shop or !store - opens up the store
!lm - Plants a lasermine ( VIP Elites )
!bazooka - Purchase a Bazooka/AWP ( VIP Elite )
!antidote - Turns human ( VIP )
!radar - Toggles radar on/off
!zshield - Deploys a shield if you have


If you press shift a menu will popup on your left screen
You may disable it by typing !shortcut
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=8878445]

!hud - Show Entwatch Item.
!status - To see your restriction status (or you troll item and mistake if admin/mod get eban you).
!bhud - Show Boss (is during shoot the boss).
Zombie Escaper Players ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

thanks guys ^_^

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