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RPGSURF Mod Application


Teh Tat Chien 
(have applied before but the application went dead)

IGN [In-game name]:
Leonn | tsun2xyang // LeonMiMi // waneek

Steam ID:


Why do you wan't to become a moderator: 
Although I'm not a moderator right now but I am working towards to be a good moderator because i love helping people, and I found out that there's not been any staff on recently. CSGO is now free, alot of hackers are hopping to the server and rage hacking, which destroys the fun. Since I'm on most of the time, would love to help out new players and if there's hackers, would gladly to get them off the server

How many hours a week I can play: 
Can be on everyday around 4-5hours

Any past experience as a mod on any game: 
Co-owner of a Minecraft server

+1 kind player

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