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Mod Application | Mike

Name: Warren

IGN [In Game Name]: Mike/SueKabliat

Steam Id: 

Age: 17                  
Why do you want to become a moderator: I re-joined the server not too long ago, maybe 2 weeks ago, but in that time I think I've racked up a lot of playtime. I'm on the server at least a couple hours a day, ranging from 1 to 5 hours in a day. Some of the time I notice that there's a lack of staff online. Most of the time IGotHamz or Laburi is online and they do a wonderful job of moderating the server, but there's been many occasions where no staff is present and there's someone spamming in chat or making racist remarks in voice chat. I'd love to fill this gap as I already spend a lot of time in the server and I feel that I can help keep the community positive by filtering out people who don't abide by the rules, as well as introducing new players to the server and helping them out in-game.

How many hours a week can you play: 10 to 15+ hours

Any past experience as a mod on any game: I've moderated a couple of Minecraft servers in the past, I also used to moderate a CSGO AWP server about a year and a half or two ago.

Thanks Smile

+1 , usually active at periods when bhop mods aren't online, and also a pretty decent guy overall.

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