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Poll: More Extra Credits for VIPs?
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Yes sir
3 75.00%
No, rtv.
0 0%
Let's go mako
1 25.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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More Credits [VIPs]

Due to removal of P2W plugins for VIPs, Zeddy gave extra +5/+10/etc credits to normals, elites, etc.
I feel it is too little to justify as compensation for removal of all P2W.  
Suggestion would be to at least increase by 5 or better yet, double them to +10/+20/etc so us VIPs would be able to earn and spend credits faster in the store.
There's a poll too! Thanks for reading!  Big Grin

kekw suggestion: Give a huge amount of credits to existing VIPs as bailout for removal of P2W. 1.00k for normals, 2.00k for elites, 3.00k for ultra, etc.  Rolleyes
[Image: batmanteabagcombo.gif][Image: batmanteabagcombo.gif]

you call 1k huge? what you want to buy with 1k? 1/100 of yoshino skin? you cant buy anything, zeddy wont increase credit gain as well
[Image: gDEE1QGHMmMAOJRb4Q-ehqF7ckhcVAUyzogC6VP5...zbAKChGzbA]

Credit gain has already been increased for vip [Double] and elite [triple]

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