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Mod Application

Name: Daniel 

IGN: elex

Steam Id:        
Age: 17                                       

Why do you want to become a moderator: I want to be a mod because I want to be able to keep the server in control whenever something bad is happening. I like to help a lot of players who are new to kz. The kz community in asia is really small so I really want to make the server more populated and more enjoyable in general.

How many hours a week can you play: 10 hours above

Any past experience as a mod on any game: Kreedz server also, forgot the name of the server.

-rep inexperience, KZ in asia is pretty big ngl, I dont see you in the server that often and 10hours per week is verry little, Last thing how could you forget the server you served for?
[Image: raw]

-1 lack of experience i dont see you in the server grinding and how can you forget the server you used to be admin in

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