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Goodbye for now...

Hello guys im Kooniiee, you might know me from 1v1 server or if the OGs remember from Jailbreak and RPGSurf. 
Welp today i have decided to finally stop wasting my time online and in games and focus more on my studies as i am far behind from others. As i just turned 16, most my friends are already preparing for O levels when im sitting at home just playing games and wasting me life here, as much as i love playing i have to catch up to people and finish my O levels and possible Poly (I hope) as im not a kid anymore and responsibilities are piling up on my shoulders. I hope after i finish with my studies and Army i would still be able to come back and join this amazing server, but for now im afraid id have to say goodbye.I just wanna say to those that know me that im sorry for letting you guys down in matches or as friends. Im sorry for being toxic or rude to you guys when we lose. Im sorry for not responding to your game invites when you want to play with me. 


    -Kooniee Wink

Wrong thread pls go unban appeal and follow format

(02-05-2020, 11:10 AM)BJS Wrote: Wrong thread pls go unban appeal and follow format
he typing in correct thread, he isnt asking for any unban and is just a goodbye section only

                                                     [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=11090601]

O levels at 16? Yikes, you must be really smart. Best of luck

you want to go what poly
[Image: gDEE1QGHMmMAOJRb4Q-ehqF7ckhcVAUyzogC6VP5...zbAKChGzbA]

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