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Mrs Trunchball | Moderator Application

Name: Brandon A
IGN: Mrs Trunchball
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:513080597 ,
Age: 21 (21/02/1998)
Discord: Anatrax#6936

Why do i want to be moderator?
I play bhop for fun, i come on and try beat the record and set a time on Zeddy's. I have noticed the lack of Staff on Zeddy's Bhop server and because of this i noticed there is always cheaters, there is always mic spammers and there is always chaos. I would like to become moderator to fix the community on Zeddy's by being fair and demolishing the cheaters as they come on to break records.

How many hours a week can i play?
I can play between 20 - 52 hours a week as i have other things i need to do in my day to day life other than just video games.

Any past experience as a mod / admin on any game?

I have been moderator, admin, developer and owner of a few servers in the game called Garry's Mod from 2014 - 2018 then i moved onto csgo and have not been staff on any Source Mod servers. I am familiar with source-mods however as i been playing bunnyhop for a couple of months "i.e 6 - 8 months".

I hope this application is up-to your expectations and obligations.


Brandon A | Mrs Trunchball

+1, BHOP server is in need of more moderators and I have high hopes for him.
Best of luck.

Always on Bhop so +1 Missy Trunchball x

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