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ze Mod application

Definitely going to +1 this application.

Fluorescence (Jailer), has been a member of this community for quite a long time. I’ve seen him since the first day I joined Zeddys in early 2018, and he was always very respectful. Since he has been playing ZE for a while, his map knowledge and skills are high compared to other players. I’ve also noticed that Fluorescence started to use his mic, which is very convenient for an admin. Some people say that he doesn’t lead or his leading skills are not as good, but his high effort on trying to lead maps is what we should also consider. Being an admin is not only having the knowledge and skill, but also being able to handle rule-breakers. It’s a job full of responsibilities, but I 100% am confident that Fluorescence will be able to handle that job. SUPPORT!

Good luck on the rest of your application!

Application accepted. Congratulations on making to the Zombie Escape admin team.
You'll be placed in a trial phase for a month, any sorts of abuse or reports with proof with lead you to a demote.
I will be tasked with being your mentor, if you have any inquiries, you can message me on Steam or Discord.
Once again, congratulations of becoming moderator.

I'm happy because I have a [kumamon fan]

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