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Moderator Application

(11-18-2019, 01:14 PM)Frynシ Wrote: -1 
-The End-

please be mature and serious about this tq..and stop being toxic to each kawaii said we here to hear just let them give their opinion..and take it to improve urself..i personally dunno u well enough btw..but i saw u have a skills and knowledge that i dun have but firstly please communicate and contribute to the server u know the server have so many player who a regular there and the one who new ..many people still dont know u well enough just show them who u are and what u capable off and do apply after that..tq..cheers..see ya..

p/s:as u know im malaysian and malaysian is at number 6 in the world for being a toxic and stop triggering my toxic genes..tq
proof here -

They just want some attention don't mind them
[Image: ojBflql.gif]

Try to enter the server many times in a month and lead them, then they will know who you are, then come back here one more time, it's not too late Big Grin gl

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best player


Kindly reapply in a month.


Multiple application.

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