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1v1 mod application by -quit-

Name: Axell Silvano
IGN [In Game Name]: -quit-
Steam Id:
Age: 17                                    
Why do you want to become a moderator: there are a lot of cheaters and spammers in the server. Also, 1v1 server has few admins so I want to help them to get rid of all the hackers.
How many hours a week can you play: Monday-Thursday (2-3 hours), Friday-Sunday (almost 5 hours) .
Any past experience as a mod on any game: no.

1v1 needs more admins, the amount of hackers is just too much. The current team is busy with things in life.

although i don't really know you.. but i know you are a nice guy.. so yea.. like what loonatic said.. we need more 1v1 admins.. most of them are either busy with their life or lazy to do their jobs (idk). so zeddy.. try to give new accepted mod their trial mod power.. so that they can handle the server as well.. right now.. 1v1 is in riot and too much hackers come in alr..

             [Image: chat.png]

+1 friendly and kind as a player during his days in mmod

quit woof woof
Protip: If you can't find the inno, buy wallhacks

Accepted as trial mod.

Kindly claim your rank from ZeddY

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