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Bhop Moderator application.

Name: Braxton Loveridge

IGN [In Game Name]: Brzx
Steam Id:
Age: 22 (turning 23 on September 28th)
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: I have been bhopping on your servers for about 2 weeks now and I enjoy the community aswell as bhopping on the server with support from other members and staff from this server. I saw the popup for the admin application in the bhop server so I thought it would be a good time to apply for the server as I've been playing for at least to weeks. I know most of the staff now apart from a fue so that wont be a problem. I've only been in the discord for about 2 weeks and I can already see how supportive the staff team are. Already helping me with certain things.
How many hours a week can you play: I can play quite a bit as i don't start work again until September when my brothers start school again. So I will be able to dedicate a solid 4 hours each day helping with this server. I may play more depending on how what I am doing that day.
Any past experience as a mod on any game: I've been moderator on multiple servers such as: Nexus Nation (Resigned) Mestro Gaming (Resigned) and Zu-Gaming (Resigned) I've been in these communities for ages and they all thanked for my persistence in the server and missed me after I left, I've even had Jam (Owner of Nexus Nation) ask for my presence multiple times for different reasons. I have a lot of experience in source mod as well as having all this past experience in moderating. I can code plugins and such for the server if needs be. I could also help with certain things. I'll continue to show dedication to this server depending on weather or not you choose to accept this application.

Thanks for your time taking to read this if you do and I hope to see you all again soon in the staff team.

Yours faithfully, Brax.

neutral, idk when i asked around you seemed to not have much good rep on the server, but i haven't seen for myself so idk

Can I please !r my life Ö


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