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Zombie Escape Event #4

Time for another Zombie Escape Event!
This Sunday, 09/06 we'll be having another zombie escape event on our zombie escape server! Same as usual, winners will be awarded with credits! Event will start from 2 PM until 4 PM (GMT +8) Maps we'll be playing are
1. ze_predator_ultimate_p7
2. ze_Kitchen_v1_4
3. ze_doom3_v1_b3k
( Download the map here If you don't have the map file. )

Best of luck to our escapists! Make sure you have fun and learn the maps! 
Any sorts of rule breaking will be strictly punished by me.

Thank You Loonatic, Very Cool!
[Image: R7zqDkR.png]

Kitchen and not Bathroom *kappa running through my mind rn*

I can't wait!
[Image: ojBflql.gif]

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