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Why i want to be a moderator: I have experience as i was here since Rthaurg but i was very lowkey so only a handful of people remember me. I also want to help the server against mic spammers, freekillers, toxic players and mic-less cts or cts that dont know or dont want to be warden.
How many hours can you play a week: currently i am the most active player on the server cos i have no life and i think that i can be on the server when other staff are busy,i usually play 7-9 hours on a school day depending on when school ends and i usually am on the server for 12 hours on weekends or holidays cause i have no life like i said. 
Any past experiences as a mod or admin in any other game: i was a trial mod once for ASN [A trade server for csgo] 
Heart Tongue

+1 eeeee

+1 Be Ready to do all the moderator Job!!!

+1, lifeless fuck always in the server from morning until 4am

+1 gl
Jailbreak is fun!

+active on the server
-needs to step up in the positive manner

Accepted as trial moderator for 1 month. Please claim in game rank from zeddy, the team will review your performance on 23rd June (Sunday)
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 

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